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Is sex useful? Benefits of sex for your health

Many people enjoy sex simply because sex is a pleasure for them. However, now there is another reason to do it. This is a significant benefit for your health.

Sex perfectly influences our body and does wonders for any person – both physically and psychologically. Regular sex not only increases the trust in your partner but also makes you physically healthier. There are so many amazing benefits of sex, many of which are just beginning to be studied.

The main conclusion drawn from the research is that not only health supports sex, but sex actually supports our health too. To feel healthier, look younger and live longer, a few orgasms a week can be not only pleasant but also very effective.

Below are the principle advantages of sex and the reasons why sexual action can enable you to live more and more joyful.

Sex reduces stress

Sex can relieve stress, improve mood and reduce depression. The same endorphins that alleviate our pain can make us feel euphoric after sex. After orgasm, a wave of calm feelings comes (that’s why men usually fall asleep), and this is the time when a person can really free himself.

An ongoing report demonstrated that individuals who have more sex feel more joyful and manage stress better. The hormone oxytocin, which is released during orgasm, helps later feel calmer in different situations.

Recent research shows that 20 minutes of sexual intercourse is equivalent to a one-kilometer run. Just like our bodies react to workout in the gym or fast walking, sex forces our muscles and heart to work, burning calories and fat to give us even more energy.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful appearance. So your partner may be a good motivation to keep you in shape. On average, sex burns about five calories per minute, depending on your weight. Even a hot kiss increases the pulse, which causes your body to burn calories. Half an hour of sex burns 85-150 calories, so sex is a great exercise.

Good luck, I wish you to have a lot of sex in your life.

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