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Is it good to have sex with a prostitute?

Many in our time believe that sex with a prostitute it is just fun, passion, and nothing more. But have you ever thought about how much benefit does it bring? Sexual intercourse has a very good effect not only on our physical condition but also improves the psychological wellbeing. Let’s look closer at these benefits.

Having sex improves your body.

During and after sex a large number of hormones named prolactin are released. Thanks to him in the brain, new neutrons begin to be formed, and they are ready to conquer the world.

Sex makes you strong.

Well, everyone should know this factor. Just think how much energy is spent during sexual intercourse. One sexual act burns at least 150 calories, and this is not so little.

Stroke or a heart attack? You can forget about them.

Scientifically proven that having sex reduces their probability at least 3 times. So people who often have sex are completely protected.

Do you have insomnia or stress?

Then everyone’s favorite occupation will come to the rescue. Did not notice? People who regularly have sex are happier, they become mad less often, and they are less nervous. Have not thought about it? Or maybe you think that they just have a wonderful life? No, they do not live better than you, just a good amount of sex. And as you know it relaxes. It makes you feel better. It simply detaches from all problems, it helps to sleep well or get a positive charge for the whole day.

Forget what depression is.

Sex is better even than vitamins for our immune system, and is one of the best antidepressants; even the prostitutes can confirm it. It makes you feel joy and happiness, makes you less depressed, and these factors improve the condition of the skin, face, and soul as best as possible. And the last thing is, of course, improvement of blood circulation.

Now you have learned about all the benefits of having sex, and you know that it’s not only nice but also very useful.

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