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How to make sex more original

In family life quite often, there is a desire to deal with different routing things, or just to relax after a hard working day and only then, maybe in the evening, to have sex. Sad picture, is not it? However, it is time to make some changes!

When you put sex in one of the first places in your life, then you will be able to experience unexpectedly big changes during sex.

If you do not give enough attention to your sexual partner, then, in the end, he will stop being active at all. Unfortunately, this happens with most couples, which have long-term relationships when they put off sex with each other in the background. However, those who were able to put sex life as a priority, keep the fire of passion among themselves for many years.

What you shall do

Once you have set priorities, you need to decide what can be done to establish a sexual life with your second half in the bedroom.

We recommend you to discuss erotic fantasies in which you could both take part. Just talk about what might be interesting. Do not hurry, just ask and listen carefully to each other. You do not even have to immediately start practicing everything; just try some of the proposed.

You can try to do sex with closed eyes. You can challenge yourself and find out how it is to have sex with completely closed eyes. As noted by scientists, when a person cannot see objects around, other senses grow. This applies to both women and men. The feeling of a standard blowjob or cunnilingus will be fantastically bright, and it would be even better with a standard sex.

Try something new, be careful and responsible, and listen to each other. Man and woman both can initiate it. Say a couple of vulgar words or send a text message in a messenger throughout the day. Of course, the second half will be horny all day long, and in the evening at home, you will get a big amount of different feelings.

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