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How to satisfy women in bed

Sex is an important part of normal relationships, so physical intimacy is as important as having a common interest in each other. And this is not just what the guys want. Girls like sex as well. Men sometimes mistakenly believe that it is just enough to have sex with a woman to satisfy her. But women are much more complicated than men, and besides the physical act, the psychological aspect is important for them. I want to inform you how to satisfy a girl in bed and how to prove yourself as a perfect lover.

If at each physical intimacy you try to persistently satisfy the wife in bed in the same ways, then you risk turning sex into a routine activity. Give the woman a variety. Look at her body and think about options on how to satisfy her. Perhaps you do not even guess, but for her, there is nothing better than a missionary pose, and only in this way she may feel orgasm. In fact, you have to try everything to understand it.

Do not be selfish

Women are very sensitive creatures. They immediately notice when a man is set up to satisfy his personal sexual needs, and when he really worries about women’s desires. In bed, there is no place for selfishness! Who will remain satisfied after sex if his desires are ignored? As soon as you cross the bedroom, forget about selfishness and learn the desires of your wife. A woman is not an assistant to a man in sex, but an equal participant. With a man who goes to sleep after an orgasm, forgetting about the partner, she certainly will not feel satisfied. How to properly satisfy a woman and always be a perfect lover? Take care not only about your desires but also about the preferences of your wife.

Do not hide your sexual fantasies

If you are looking for ways how to satisfy your wife in bed, then tell her about your sexual fantasies. Let her know that she is loved and desired. Show that despite a long relationship, you still have many fantasies.

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