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How to make sex more original

In family life quite often, there is a desire to deal with different routing things, or just to relax after a hard working day and only then, maybe in the evening, to have sex. Sad picture, is not it? However, it is time to make some changes!

When you put sex in one of the first places in your life, then you will be able to experience unexpectedly big changes during sex.

If you do not give enough attention to your sexual partner, then, in the end, he will stop being active at all. Unfortunately, this happens with most couples, which have long-term relationships when they put off sex with each other in the background. However, those who were able to put sex life as a priority, keep the fire of passion among themselves for many years.

What you shall do

Once you have set priorities, you need to decide what can be done to establish a sexual life with your second half in the bedroom.

We recommend you to discuss erotic fantasies in which you could both take part. Just talk about what might be interesting. Do not hurry, just ask and listen carefully to each other. You do not even have to immediately start practicing everything; just try some of the proposed.

You can try to do sex with closed eyes. You can challenge yourself and find out how it is to have sex with completely closed eyes. As noted by scientists, when a person cannot see objects around, other senses grow. This applies to both women and men. The feeling of a standard blowjob or cunnilingus will be fantastically bright, and it would be even better with a standard sex.

Try something new, be careful and responsible, and listen to each other. Man and woman both can initiate it. Say a couple of vulgar words or send a text message in a messenger throughout the day. Of course, the second half will be horny all day long, and in the evening at home, you will get a big amount of different feelings.

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How to satisfy women in bed

Sex is an important part of normal relationships, so physical intimacy is as important as having a common interest in each other. And this is not just what the guys want. Girls like sex as well. Men sometimes mistakenly believe that it is just enough to have sex with a woman to satisfy her. But women are much more complicated than men, and besides the physical act, the psychological aspect is important for them. I want to inform you how to satisfy a girl in bed and how to prove yourself as a perfect lover.

If at each physical intimacy you try to persistently satisfy the wife in bed in the same ways, then you risk turning sex into a routine activity. Give the woman a variety. Look at her body and think about options on how to satisfy her. Perhaps you do not even guess, but for her, there is nothing better than a missionary pose, and only in this way she may feel orgasm. In fact, you have to try everything to understand it.

Do not be selfish

Women are very sensitive creatures. They immediately notice when a man is set up to satisfy his personal sexual needs, and when he really worries about women’s desires. In bed, there is no place for selfishness! Who will remain satisfied after sex if his desires are ignored? As soon as you cross the bedroom, forget about selfishness and learn the desires of your wife. A woman is not an assistant to a man in sex, but an equal participant. With a man who goes to sleep after an orgasm, forgetting about the partner, she certainly will not feel satisfied. How to properly satisfy a woman and always be a perfect lover? Take care not only about your desires but also about the preferences of your wife.

Do not hide your sexual fantasies

If you are looking for ways how to satisfy your wife in bed, then tell her about your sexual fantasies. Let her know that she is loved and desired. Show that despite a long relationship, you still have many fantasies.

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Is it good to have sex with a prostitute?

Many in our time believe that sex with a prostitute it is just fun, passion, and nothing more. But have you ever thought about how much benefit does it bring? Sexual intercourse has a very good effect not only on our physical condition but also improves the psychological wellbeing. Let’s look closer at these benefits.

Having sex improves your body.

During and after sex a large number of hormones named prolactin are released. Thanks to him in the brain, new neutrons begin to be formed, and they are ready to conquer the world.

Sex makes you strong.

Well, everyone should know this factor. Just think how much energy is spent during sexual intercourse. One sexual act burns at least 150 calories, and this is not so little.

Stroke or a heart attack? You can forget about them.

Scientifically proven that having sex reduces their probability at least 3 times. So people who often have sex are completely protected.

Do you have insomnia or stress?

Then everyone’s favorite occupation will come to the rescue. Did not notice? People who regularly have sex are happier, they become mad less often, and they are less nervous. Have not thought about it? Or maybe you think that they just have a wonderful life? No, they do not live better than you, just a good amount of sex. And as you know it relaxes. It makes you feel better. It simply detaches from all problems, it helps to sleep well or get a positive charge for the whole day.

Forget what depression is.

Sex is better even than vitamins for our immune system, and is one of the best antidepressants; even the prostitutes can confirm it. It makes you feel joy and happiness, makes you less depressed, and these factors improve the condition of the skin, face, and soul as best as possible. And the last thing is, of course, improvement of blood circulation.

Now you have learned about all the benefits of having sex, and you know that it’s not only nice but also very useful.

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Is sex useful? Benefits of sex for your health

Many people enjoy sex simply because sex is a pleasure for them. However, now there is another reason to do it. This is a significant benefit for your health.

Sex perfectly influences our body and does wonders for any person – both physically and psychologically. Regular sex not only increases the trust in your partner but also makes you physically healthier. There are so many amazing benefits of sex, many of which are just beginning to be studied.

The main conclusion drawn from the research is that not only health supports sex, but sex actually supports our health too. To feel healthier, look younger and live longer, a few orgasms a week can be not only pleasant but also very effective.

Below are the principle advantages of sex and the reasons why sexual action can enable you to live more and more joyful.

Sex reduces stress

Sex can relieve stress, improve mood and reduce depression. The same endorphins that alleviate our pain can make us feel euphoric after sex. After orgasm, a wave of calm feelings comes (that’s why men usually fall asleep), and this is the time when a person can really free himself.

An ongoing report demonstrated that individuals who have more sex feel more joyful and manage stress better. The hormone oxytocin, which is released during orgasm, helps later feel calmer in different situations.

Recent research shows that 20 minutes of sexual intercourse is equivalent to a one-kilometer run. Just like our bodies react to workout in the gym or fast walking, sex forces our muscles and heart to work, burning calories and fat to give us even more energy.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful appearance. So your partner may be a good motivation to keep you in shape. On average, sex burns about five calories per minute, depending on your weight. Even a hot kiss increases the pulse, which causes your body to burn calories. Half an hour of sex burns 85-150 calories, so sex is a great exercise.

Good luck, I wish you to have a lot of sex in your life.

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It is useful to watch porn and have sex at the same time!

The scientists came to the conclusion that having sex has a positive effect on the human body, regardless of sex, race, skin color, age and love affiliations. As is now customary to say, sex is the guarantee of health! And there are many irrefutable, scientifically confirmed facts.

So, burning calories during sex, which is the same excellent physical exercise as training in the gym, has a beneficial effect on the overall physical state. In addition to the pleasure, partners burn calories, reduce the level of carbohydrates in the blood. The immune system becomes stronger due to a sufficient amount of produced immunoglobulin. The production of endorphins, more commonly known as the “hormone of joy,” increases the stress-resistance of your body, as a result, reduces the risk of diseases and disorders due to stressful situations. Sex reduces blood pressure, improves heart functions, reduces painful sensations, prevents prostate diseases, and improves the quality of sleep – this is only a small part of the benefits of sex!

Viewing films for adults with your sexual partner helps to establish relationships between you. It is very useful to watch porn and have sex at the same time! In addition to the fact that films from private collections and feature films of well-known film companies can be a good tool for practice (Instructional Porn Video), they are still able to positively influence the influx of venous blood into the male’s sexual organ, influence the temperament and emancipation of partners, help determine with sexual preferences. Sexual attraction during watching pornography doubles.

Sex is a science that requires study, and porn is an encyclopedia with a huge number of categories, each of which requires a sharp focus on it. There is nothing shameful or bad about it, as people with stupid stereotypes and strict looks tell us about it.

Allow yourself to include private porn

Plunge with your beloved person into a world where sex is the food and the meaning of life for the movie heroes. Ancient Greeks were not familiar with the art of cinematography, but they tried to convey the beauty, inimitability, the magnificence of human bodies in images of sculptures that showed their intimate places without embarrassment.

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